Dr Tamara’s Health & Healing

A holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellbeing

During your appointment a holistic approach will be taken where your whole state of being, body, mind and spirit is addressed. Optimal health and wellbeing cannot be achieved if one of these factors is out of balance.

Some conditions which may benefit from treatment include; musculoskeletal problems such as; neck, back, leg shoulder and arm pain, frozen shoulder, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, constipation, parasites and microbial infections,  hay fever and allergies, arthritis, sciatica, PMT, menopause, fatigue, depression, anxiety and emotional stress.

Private Health Funds Available.

Essential Oils

Chemical free living never smelt so good


“Our bodies are designed to spontaneously heal, however sometimes we need help from mother nature and natural healing techniques to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.”